Sunday 1/21/24
Today I saw a new sunflower patch in the middle of the sidewalk on Hampshire. I have no idea how it appeared overnight. Went to the grocery store to get a singular orange. Cooked fried rice with leftovers. Just read an article that said if you have to swallow a frog today, do it first thing. If you have two, swallow the biggest frog first, and I love that phrasing! There are a few things I do daily now. I paint a small square of the sky each day. I read a poem each day. I feel impure when I put them on the todo list, after all, rituals shouldn't need checkboxes, no? Every poem this week has left me in tears. I want to write poems instead of just reading, I want to do research instead of just consuming. I want to create art instead of just being jealous. I must finish my readings. Then I must write my essay, then do my laundry, then call A, then make my returns, then go to pottery. That’s only like 5 things. I feel super overwhelmed and worried that I won't be able to be present when I'm with G because I'll be thinking so much about work. How has half a year passed by so quickly here? How did I end up in a place where time passes by so quickly? I want slowness where every day is full. I’ve been calling N every evening and I don’t tell her enough, but I love the company. It makes all the difference.