Characters With Character

Text can be as expressive as art, music, or a well placed line in a poem. Chinese characters have the potential to dance on the page - the individual strokes can flow and be combined in many ways. Characters With Character imbues an embodiment of action and state into Chinese characters themselves and explores expression through form.

  • 点 (diǎn): point / dot / drop / speck
  • 爆炸 (bào zhà): explosion / to explode
  • 扩大 (kuò dà): to expand / to enlarge
  • 融化 (róng huà): to melt / to thaw / to dissolve
  • 拥挤 (yōng jǐ): crowded / to throng / congestion
  • 故障 (gù zhàng): glitch/ malfunction
  • 墨水 (mò shuǐ): ink
  • 漩涡 (xuàn wō): swirl / vortex
  • 像素 (xiàng sù): pixel
character of 点 made with dots character of 爆炸 deconstructed character of 扩大 enlarged in the center character of 融化 squished in a melted manner character of multiple copies of 拥挤 character of 故障 in a glitched image character of 墨水 made with ink character of 漩涡 with a swirl effect character of pixelated 像素