• touch things - the leaves on the bush or the wall of the old building and really feel the interaction
  • take a walk down the street without earbuds and try to notice as many sounds as possible, there is a whole orchestra in traffic
  • food meditations - appreciation for the flavors and textures before devouring
  • live life as the main character in a Studio Ghibli movie - romanticize the little things and see the wind dance joyfully through the grass
  • go on a walk - romanticize the little things, see myself as a studio ghibli movie
  • people watch or listen - eavesdropping by a better name. come up with wild stories for each human or object
  • how high is the ceiling right now?

living poetically

  • carry a notebook around and write/doodle all of life’s gifts
    • journal at a park
    • I like parks
  • live at parks, bring a blanket and a good book
  • art museums as nourishment of the soul, not mind - focus on the feelings
  • turning spaces into new places
    • sitting at night and feeling the infinite expanse of not being able to see boundaries
    • transform spaces with music and scents


  • gesture drawings - 30 second sketches to capture the _essence _of a person
  • blind contour drawings - don’t look at the page and release yourself from the shackles of perfection and give yourself permission to notice details
  • make rubbings of objects. touch them. feel them.
  • zoooooom in
  • self portraits, but make them short and interpretive


  • what did you eat today? write a poem in 10 minutes
  • what sounds do the objects in your life make? find their rhythms - what do they sound like?


  • interpretive dance - either to the music or picking an object and embodying it
  • try to fill up as much room as possible with your body


  • sit next to the practice rooms and listen to piano as you work
  • sing your poems, say them out loud - what do they sound like?


  • improv!
  • many theater exercises that focus on ~energy~
    • counting up in a group
    • wah!
    • group storytelling