uncharted personal territory

I’d like to play more with these.

  • private thought in public engagement

  • role of grief in society

  • possibility spaces

  • the transformative power of calligraphy

  • perfecting a craft giving meaning to life

  • using apocalypses as fresh starts in speculative fiction

  • why are glitches so cool

  • other forms of expressive text (telescopic, stretchy)

  • music as heightened speech

  • rewriting narratives through public storytelling (see: the moth)

  • how to see non-physical (digital?) desire paths¬†

  • reclaiming stories and cultures through myth

  • art as originality vs art as mastery (western vs eastern values?) [rec from prof: Rodriguez, “The Third Man” in his book Brown for a summary of western ideology / reinventing the wheel every generation and its connection to “freedom”]