Currently, I am working in MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group on exploring agency and ownership when brainstorming with AI agents.

I will soon be joining the Social Futures Lab as a PhD student. My research interests include computer-supported creative tools, new interactions for text, and collaboration tools (at least I think! Excited to explore widely in my first year).


Works in progress and percolating thoughts. Feel free to reach out if you wish to discuss!


Using natural sentence prompts for understanding biases in language models Sarah Alnegheimish, Alicia Guo, Yi Sun - NAACL 2022


Projects (previous life)

Sustained A chrome extension that guides you through the online shopping process focusing on [sustain]able [ed]ucation, asking you the questions needed to help you make a thoughtful and more sustainable purchase with checkout reminders. Try it out here!

Polanimations Interface prototype for using polarizers as a passive display technology to create animations. With Ticha Sethapakdi.

Detect Fakes I researched in the MIT Media Lab working on conceptualizing and designing experiments to determine how well humans could detect deepfakes in comparison to the leading AI. Can you detect the deepfake?

Visual Poetry Ever wondered what imagery or emotion poetry can evoke? Visual Poetry generates images from poetic text and applies style transfer from paintings of your chosen sentiment. Made with Peitong Chen and Olivia Seow.

Jello Collisions Modeled soft-body (jello) collisions using a mass-spring system in C++. Watch the jiggles.

Impressions Impressionist non-photorealistic renderings of paintings made in C++. I mimic the process of painting by splatting brush strokes along image gradients.